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«For the Greatness of Spirit»

Let us glorify a man by our attitude toward him.
Outside of Politics, Outside of States.

About the Prize

The establishment of this Prize will undoubtedly draw attention from all over the world. It will resonate with political, business and cultural elites as well as with civil society, ordinary people.

It is intended as the most significant and prestigious prize to honor outstanding persons selected by their own people. This Prize will be clear and understandable for all social groups in all countries of the international community. Its laureates will become goodwill ambassadors conveying high ideals of humanism and cooperation of peoples.

This Prize shall not be named after anyone in particular so as not to offend any other, equally deserving name. It is above and outside of politics, above and outside of states. It belongs to all people living in different countries and on different continents, it is a province of all mankind.

Prize Mission and Goal


long-standing flagrant injustice due to the fact that representatives of show business, elites and the establishment are often celebrated while heroic efforts of ordinary people are disregarded.

The Prize is meant to become an international award that honors high moral and spiritual values.


proper recognition of great and genuinely outstanding personalities from among common people.

Those who showed greatness of their spirit when serving people and humanity and/or have made a significant contribution to securing and maintaining peace, achieving mutual respect and understanding between people, establishing respect for human life and dignity.


A true space of humanity.

To draw attention to basic human values based on spiritual and cultural heritage of peoples of the World.

Prize Structure

The selection procedure and the lists of nominees, nominations and laureates are available on corresponding pages of the Prize website.

Selection Procedure
Supreme Council

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Facts about the Prize

Here are some figures and facts about the World Prize «For the Greatness of Spirit».

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