A truly unique guy. Many see him as the most inspiring extreme athlete of all times because his wheelchair stunts have completely changed the perception of persons of disabilities and what they are capable of.

Aaron was probably the first to combine “wheelchair” and “extreme” in one sentence proving that nothing is impossible if you really want it and have the will to do it.

Aaron Fotheringham was born November 8, 1991 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was bound to clutches and wheelchair since he was 3 years old due to a spinal cord defect. He fully moved on to using a wheelchair at the age of 8 welcoming the idea of having his own “wheels”. He would watch his brother riding his BMX at the skate park, and one day his brother told him that he should try riding his chair in the park. Aaron later noted that “I did, and I was hooked”.

He started inventing new and unique wheelchair tricks. Fotheringham used a customized WCMX wheelchair designed by Box Wheelchairs, which is both lightweight and features four-wheel suspension. This enables him to perform the same sorts of tricks that skateboarders and BMXers can do, as the suspension cushions his landings. Performing all these stunts and tricks hasn’t come easy. Some tricks required weeks and months of practice, endurance and determination, as well as plenty of bruises, concussions, and broken teeth. But he believes in himself and knows for sure that you can do anything if you are truly determined. Thanks to his commitment and willpower, he became one of the greatest extreme athletes in the world. Any extreme sports enthusiast in the world has heard his name at this point.

His fans know him as “Wheelz”. Other people know him as the crazy wheelchair-daredevil because you have to be a daring person to even imagine the stunts that he does on his wheelchair. For example, he has recently performed a double backflip. He spends most of his time in a skatepark inventing new stunts and finetuning the old ones. Aaron has won many prizes and has been featured on many TV shows and series.

He received many donations from numerous organizations, including Century Software. In 2010 Fotheringham joined the Nitro Circus Live tour, an action sports road show that tours Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States. During the tour, he performed his famous wheelchair double backflip.

No one has ever done it before Aaron, so his name is perceptualized in the Guinness World Records. In his numerous interviews, Aaron said that he sees WCMX both as his passion and his job. He plans to perfect his skills further and develop the world’s best wheelchair.