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Dear Bloggers!
Submit your materials with and make sure to note your country. The best submissions will receive a special bonus of the Supreme Council, as well as invitations to the awarding ceremony. The best bloggers will receive a “The Greatness of Spirit Blogger” award and title and they will be authorized to use the Prize symbol as their logo.
Address to bloggers
Real-life heroes do not receive awards for well-played roles, well-written books, discoveries in science, etc. They are not the ones who earn millions. Without diminishing the merits of the latter, let us say that true heroes live among us, they do their routine work, but when the moment comes, they reveal the greatness of their spirit. Every day a lot of truly wonderful things happen around us, but at the same time, there is still a place for grief and tragedy in the world. And there are people who will not pass by, will not remain indifferent to someone else's misfortune. It is thanks to them that it is too early for discount us a species.

We want to see kindness, honor, patriotism in people, and we show them super-primitive single-minded TV series about bandits and other scum unsuccessfully chased by noble policemen to be finally caught after hundreds of episodes. And no one really cares that hundreds of background characters are killed off in the chase as collateral damage just for the thrill of it. How can we possibly remain human like that?

But is it time for us to unite to tell the story of those who live an ordinary life with regular jobs and families ... the real-life protagonists who come to someone's help at the right time, rejecting their personal gain just to help those in need, save someone’s life, sometimes at the cost of their own life or health, without considering the risks or second-guessing. They do it because they are simply built this wat. This is the greatness of spirit.

Let's find such people in all countries, they are not easily seen or heard. But they do live among us, there are always such people in every nation, and we must showcase them so that everyone understands that true heroes are not onscreen characters following a set scenario. There are ordinary people living among us, they are like everyone else, they raise children, go to work, have fun, play sports, their life is no different from the life of most of us.
But the moment comes when they have to make their choice: pass by and ignore the plea for help in someone’s eyes, someone’s suffering, become an outsider giving unwanted opinions, or not hesitate to lend a helping hand unafraid to get burned in order to save, to intervene, to not pass by. They have mere seconds to decide…

We will inform everyone about these people, make them known.

If you nominate a Candidate who becomes the Prize Laureate, Prize Organizers will give you a bonus in the amount of $ 1,000 to $ 3,000.

If you are a Volunteer registered in our database in due order, the amount will be doubled (from $ 2,000 to $ 6,000).

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