Courageous people are always admirable. They don’t complain, they overcome all odds and find happiness every day. TengriMIX tells a story of one such person. 47-year-old Geraldo Pereira has a congenital disease that left him without upper limbs, but does not let his disability get in the way of him working.

He has always strived to be independent, to feel special rather than feel sorry for himself. It gave him mental and physical forces.

He claims to have discovered his talent as a teenager when he mended a broken wooden truck given to him. “The wheels were missing and parts of the vehicle were damaged. I was going to throw it away when a friend gave me the pieces I needed so I decided to repair it.” He then set his mind on crafting small cars for children. He claims it only takes him an hour to assemble a toy car, while larger trucks take him two. He sells his small cars for £2 and has so far sold hundreds of the toys. Geraldo lives in Lastro, north east Brazil, where he has become a local celebrity selling his toys to tourists. There are not many tourists in his local town but it is enough for him to get by.