Gallery of Historical Images

The history of nations is very complex. It has seen many wars, conquests, captured territories, expansions of zones of influence on the one hand and heroic defense on the other hand…unfortunately, in wars someone has to prevail and someone has to yield even after winning separate battles.

Centuries pass and descendants of former enemies live side by side or unite against new common enemies to defend their freedom and independence. They celebrate common heroes, rebuild and protect their common country.

Despite all of that, peoples never forget their heroes, they write stories and songs about their heroic deeds. They are eternalized for their bravery, nobleness, courage, spirit, and wisdom rather than for fighting against those whom they justly deemed aggressors.

So we have decided to create the Gallery of Historical Images to honor those who stayed in history of every nation and inspired fables that are passed from generation to generation in songs, tales and legends…

People should not forget their ancestors, who lived in way that was noble, worthy and deserving of remembering. These are their heroes and we should celebrate them together, learn courage and nobleness from them regardless of their nationality, country or the cause they fought for or their enemies.

What matters is how they lived, how they died, who they were and if we want to be like them and have our children be like them? We have a lot to learn from them. Their lives and deaths testified of their nobleness, courage, love for their people and country.

Let us remember them and show our gratitude through this memory…