A Turkish woman had taken care of a severely paralyzed Russian teenager for 10 years.

The tale of selfless sacrifice of Gülsüm Kabadayı, a Turkish woman in Antalya, started in August 2008 when she found an unattended teenager who had been paralyzed and was left unconscious in the intensive care unit following a dreadful car accident. His chances of recovery were slim, he was weak and fully paralyzed after he woke up. He could not breath or eat by himself, he lost his memory and could no longer speak.

Turkish authorities had failed to find Umut’s relatives following the accident despite many attempts over the course of months. At the same time, Kabadayı visited him in the hospital and then took him in to take proper full-time care of him.

Her family accepted him as one of their own and every family member had some chores to do in order to help the paralyzed boy.

She gave him the name Umut, which means hope in Turkish. Once her family was visited by Russian friends and the boy, who had never cried before, started to cry when he heard the Russian language. So it was clear that he was Russian. No one knows why his relatives failed to reach out.