1. For peacekeeping mission (including UN personnel);

2. For preservation of cultural and historical values and heritage (including UNESCO personnel);

3. For contribution to the dialogue of cultures, religions, civilizations, overcoming of intolerance and xenophobia;

4. For preservation of national identity, deep historical memory, contribution to spiritual and cultural heritage;

5. For significant contribution to the mission of mutual respect and understanding between different religions, cultures, nationalities;

6. For significant assistance in the economic empowerment of women;

7. For active participation in the settlement and resolution of existing international, interethnic, interreligious and other problems, the establishment of the ideals of peace and good-neighborliness;

8. For contribution to the fight against discrimination of national minorities, observance of rights of indigenous population and strengthening the standards of respect and tolerance in social life;

9. For exceptional merits in activities that benefit the humanity and one’s people;

10. For selflessness in affirming and upholding high humanistic values;

11. For effective journalism (impartial and reliable information about mankind’s pressing issues). To media associates, bloggers who, regardless of political priorities and information warfare between different countries and ideologies, communicate to people truthfully and in good faith actual full information from the scene of events, hot spots, zones of conflicts;

12. For initiatives in the field of ecology and environmental preservation;

13. For recovery of endangered plant and animal species;

14. For achievements in liquidating natural and technogenic disasters' consequences;

15. For efficient activity in the field of settlement of global problems of humankind including: terrorism, migration, famine, poverty, destitution, children’s rights (fight against slavery, exploitation of child labor, domestic violence, illiteracy, etc.), helping homeless and disabled children;

16. For courage and selflessness in rescuing people: to policemen, to SAR workers, to firemen, to emergency medicine physicians (disaster medicine), to medical practitioners and health personnel (for mercy);

17. For compassion to others - for initiatives designed to alleviate the suffering of people;

18. For volunteering, charity, patronage, sponsorship, social responsibility of companies;

19. For significant contribution to the development of civil society, important activities in the field of basic human rights, based on the spiritual and cultural heritage of the peoples of the world;

20. For beneficial public activity, integrity in political activity;

21. To mothers who bore or adopted and properly brought up more than 5 children;

22. For creating a community on social media to foster mutual respect and understanding between races, religions and political groups.

The list of nominations is preliminary, it will be further specified and amended as we get your feedback.