Statute of the World Prize ‘For the Greatness of Spirit’
1. General Provisions

1.1. The World Prize ‘For the Greatness of Spirit’ (hereinafter - the Prize) was established by the Foundation for a Culture of Peace and the International Center for Social-Legal and Intellectual Programs (hereinafter - the Center) to recognize the outstanding merits of people from the general public who distinguished themselves in serving the interests of their people and humanity.

1.2. The main goal of the Prize is:
-to open an actual space of humanity, drawing attention to basic human values based on spiritual and cultural heritage of peoples of the World;
- to ensure proper recognition of great and genuinely outstanding personalities from among common people*, who showed greatness of their spirit when serving people and humanity and/or have made a significant contribution to securing and maintaining peace, achieving mutual respect and understanding between people, establishing respect for human life and dignity.

1.2.1. The Prize is granted for achievements in various fields in accordance with nominations approved by the Supreme Council. The main criterion in selecting a candidate is their attitude towards people and personal life position, reflecting respect for human values, traditions, one’s people and humanity as a whole and aiming at strengthening the ideals of peace, humanism and justice.

1.2.2. Laureates become goodwill ambassadors promoting mutual respect and cooperation of peoples.

1.3. The official Awarding ceremony is held annually in a country selected by people’s vote.

2. Awarding Regulation

2.1. Potential laureates are: -citizens (subjects) of any country regardless of their race, nationality, religion, political and ideological stance; -organizations and their leaders.

2.2. Candidacies for the Prize are put forward by the people of each country on the basis of special technologies and techniques to be submitted to the Supreme Council.

2.3. The Supreme Council sets requirements for selecting candidates, determines the list of nominations and the jury composition in each nomination. The Supreme Council consists of 17 members (the number of Supreme Council members is subject to change). Supreme Council Co-Chairs are heads of the Foundations that established the Prize and organizers of the Prize. The Supreme Council consists of prominent international political and public figures, representatives of business and academia with an impeccable reputation, compelling professional and personal record; Supreme Council Co-Chairs finalizes its composition. The Supreme Council is fully independent. When considering nominees, it does not follow any instructions or directives. Protocols of Supreme Council meetings shall not contain references to discussions on selecting winners in various Prize nominations. All candidacy discussions are confidential and not subject to disclosure. Supreme Council members may not participate in public debates following the announcement of decisions.

2.4. Laureates in each nomination are determined by jury of the corresponding nomination (organizing committee) elected for a period of one year and composed of 7 judges. The Supreme Council decisions on granting the Prize are published in printed press and online.

2.5. The Prize is granted to laureates at an official awarding ceremony by Supreme Council Co-Chairs, or by Supreme Council members on their behalf, or by other persons authorized by the Supreme Council.

2.6. A Laureate receives a diploma, a Prize pin and a money bonus in the amount approved by the Supreme Council.

2.7. The bonus fund of the Prize is formed from extrabudgetary funding as prescribed by law.

2.8. The awarding ceremony’s organizing committee is formed by Prize Organizers and Participants in coordination with the Supreme Council.

3. Partners and Sponsors.

3.1. Only the most conscientious, socially responsible structures with an impeccable reputation and credibility can act as partners and sponsors of the Prize.

3.2. The status of a partner or a sponsor is an official recognition of their high professionalism and business reputation.

3.3. Prize partners and sponsors may use the Prize logo when labelling their products and services as evidence and confirmation of the high quality of products / services, the integrity of the company, its high business reputation.

* The pedigree of a candidate, their social class are inconsequential, what matters is their strength of mind, their rationale for committing acts that have received wide public recognition.

Rev. September 20, 2018.