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Human society is experiencing an extremely difficult and alarming period in its history, when tragedies and sacrifices are increasingly perceived by people as an integral part of life, when national and religious conflicts and confrontations seem insoluble, when egoism and bitterness prevail over mercy and compassion, when help and support lose their selfless meaning and are replaced by calculation and profit-making.

In such times, genuine human spiritual values accumulated over centuries are increasingly important. Adhering to them and relying on them allowed people to withstand many trials and survive. So it should be now!

People of the Earth have always seen honor and self-sacrifice, kindness and tolerance, selflessness and compassion, mutual respect and decency as highest manifestation of human spirit. These human qualities contain creative energy of tremendous power. However, the society does not always notice those who live a righteous life while their service to people is sometimes not immediately apparent, but is of great importance for our common future all the same.

The paradox is that they are often taken for granted, and rarely get a commendation that they merit.

We consider it vital for humanity to support the sources of nobility, spirituality and morality, understanding and goodwill, cooperation and mutual assistance.

These high qualities do not exist on their own. There are actual people who embody and convey these high ideals of kindness and humanity.

Sadly, the world community rarely pays homage to ordinary people and traditionally celebrates representatives of the elite - major scientists and writers, famous actors and showmen, politicians, public and state figures. Today there is no award to distinguish outstanding actions of regular people.

Now that political, social, religious and other have brought humanity to the brink, there is a sharp need in a key idea to showcase extraordinary everyday actions, opening up a true space of humanity, attracting universal attention to fundamental values.

Responding to this need, we established the World Prize “For the Greatness of Spirit” (hereinafter referred to as the Prize).

In our opinion, this Prize can become a connecting thread and unite nations and people on the basis of clear and understandable criteria - honor, conscience, philanthropy coming from the love for one’s nation, for people, for humanity.

The main goal of the Prize is


long-standing flagrant injustice due to the fact that representatives of show business, elites and the establishment are often celebrated while heroic efforts of ordinary people are disregarded.

The Prize is meant to become an international award that honors high moral and spiritual values.


proper recognition of great and genuinely outstanding personalities from among common people.

Those who showed greatness of their spirit when serving people and humanity and/or have made a significant contribution to securing and maintaining peace, achieving mutual respect and understanding between people, establishing respect for human life and dignity.


A true space of humanity.

To draw attention to basic human values based on spiritual and cultural heritage of peoples of the World.

How is it different from other prizes?
To begin with, the Prize is granted for achievements assessed against the key criterion of spiritual and moral qualities as well as a professional and business track record of a candidate. These features should underline their selfless and humanist activities. Another important part is personal qualities of a candidate such as dedication, integrity, compassion for others, high morals and commitment to acting in a way that benefits society.

Secondly - nominees are mainly ordinary citizens of no repute who see devoted and noble service for the benefit of humanity as their inherent purpose and the meaning of life..

Thirdly - ss people in each country select laureates, it can be seen as a sign of people’s recognition in public and political life..
Who can get the Prize?
Outstanding ‘ordinary persons’ representing various countries, nationalities, religions, who have demonstrated the greatness of their spirit when serving people, their nation and the humankind.

Laureates are:

- Citizens (subjects) of any country regardless of their race, nationality, religion, political and ideological stance;

- Philanthropic organizations and their leaders;
Who selects candidates and how?
Unlike all other world-famous awards, the Prize is conferred by peoples of different countries rather than heads of state, kings, elites and their famous foundations.

Nominees are selected and awarding is prepared using a special technique of researching what the general attitude of people is towards a candidate in different countries.

The Prize information portal is developed in a similar way as popular social media (Facebook) and video hosting (Youtube) resources adapted to the project at hand.

State-of-art network technologies make it possible to convey various project data to the global audience (by countries) in order to:

- select Prize candidates and get audience feedback;

- conduct separate voting by countries on each candidate and annual official awarding ceremony venue (country, city).
Who totals people’s voting results and approves nominees?
The Executive Committee of the Prize High-Level Group (Supreme Council) will total votes cast in favor of various candidates in different countries.

The Supreme Council consists of political, public, business and academic leaders with a flawless reputation, high professional and personal authority.

The Supreme Council is fully independent. All candidate discussions are confidential and not disclosed. The final protocol that contains names of actual laureates is submitted for approval and only then the awarding procedure goes into the implementation stage.


This Prize cannot bear anyone’s name, for we cannot afford to offend other equally worthy names.


This Prize cannot belong to a single state.


This Prize is outside of states and above states, it is outside of politics and above politics.


It belongs to all people living in different countries and on different continents, it is a province of all mankind.

Competition. Nominations
The competition and prize-giving in various nominations should reflect the most significant areas of human activity of a general humanitarian nature. The awarding ceremony is held annually in a country selected peoples voting all over the planet. Each of the laureates representing various peoples of the planet receives a money prize.

The funding will be ensured by the organizations and companies that are ready to become partners and sponsors and contribute the necessary amounts to participate in organizing this top-tier event. To provide funding for ongoing operations, create a prize bonus fund, hold special prize-giving events, etc., one of the Organizers opens a special deposit account for partners, sponsors and other contributors to credit money to.

Money on the deposit account is off-limits as it remains the property of those who credited it to this account. Annually, 4% of money accumulated in this account is sent to the bank account of the Project Operator - WorldprizeLTD, a company registered by the project’s author as agreed with its Organizers (ISNI 0000 0004 5927 2596).
World Prize’s Positive impact
We expect the creation of this Prize to draw interest from almost all countries of the world. It will largely resonate with political, cultural and business elites as well as with civil society and the general public.

It is intended as the most significant and prestigious prize to honor outstanding persons selected by their own people. It will be the most transparent and relatable to peoples of all countries.

International Prize laureates will become goodwill ambassadors conveying high ideals of humanism and cooperation of peoples. The high prestige of the laureates of the People’s Prize, their public influence will ensure that their voice will be heard by the citizens of their countries, the international community despite all the media noise and fake news.