Gallery of Historical Images

Alexander Suvorov

Russian commander, founder of Russian military theory, National Hero of Russia, Generalissimo (1799), Field Marshal (1794), Field Marshal of the Holy Roman Empire (1799), cavalier of all Russian orders of his time.

Grigory Potemkin

Russian statesman, creator of the Black Sea Fleet and its first commander in chief, Field Marshal.

Mikhail Skobelev

Russian military leader and strategist, infantry general (1881), adjutant general (1878).

Joseph Stalin

Russian revolutionary, Soviet political, state, military and party leader. Leader of the Soviet Union from January 21, 1924 to March 5, 1953. Marshal of the Soviet Union (1943). Generalissimo of the Soviet Union (1945).

Mikhail Kutuzov

Russian commander, statesman and diplomat, field marshal, participant in the Russo-Turkish wars, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Army during the Great Patriotic War of 1812.

Petr Bagration

Russian military leader and strategist, infantry general (1881), adjutant general (1878).

Pyotr Stolypin

Statesman of the Russian Empire, Secretary of State of His Imperial Majesty (1908), Active State Councilor (1904), chamberlain (1906), Minister of Internal Affairs and the Chairman of the Council of Ministers (1906-1911), a member of the State Council (1907-1911).

Beibulat Taimiev

Chechen military and political leader of the late XVIII - first half of the XIX century, a participant in the Caucasian war.

Sheikh al-Mansur

Islamic religious and military leader, First Imam of the Northern Caucasus, leader of the North Caucasian National-liberation movement of the highlanders (1785-1791).

Zelimkhan Gushmazukaev

Famous Chechen abrek. Representative of Teip Harachoi. People’s hero, leader of the popular uprising of the Chechen people against tsarist Russia and their fight for freedom and independence.

Imam Shamil

The leader of the Caucasian highlanders, recognized in 1834 as the Imam of a theocratic state - the North Caucasus Imamate, in which he united the mountain people of Western Dagestan and Chechnya, and then Circassia. National hero of the peoples of the North Caucasus.

Ahberdil Muhammad

Imam Shamil's Avar Naib (general) and his successor as announced by Shamil himself.

Rasul Gamzatov

Prominent Avar poet, prose writer, publicist, Soviet and Russian public and political figure, translator.

Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov

Soviet and Russian athlete, coach, USSR master of sports in freestyle wrestling. Honored coach of Russia, senior coach of the national team of the Republic of Dagestan in combat sambo. Father and coach of Khabib Nurmagomedov.