Nominee Selection and Voting
You may submit to our Organizational Committee citizens (subjects) of your country who have taken a socially significant action, a highly moral or heroic deed. Information about them can come from media, Internet, bloggers, social networks as well as your personal experience with such people. It can be your friends, colleagues, neighbors or any other people. The ‘Nominations’ section on our website has a preliminary list of nominations but a new nomination can be added to match a heroic deed committed by your candidate.

Along with a professional and business track record, a candidate is assessed based on spiritual and personal qualities such as dedication, integrity, compassion for others, high morals and commitment to helping those in need.

The ‘Nominees’ section on our websites lists examples of such actions that testify to the greatness of spirit of regular people.

Feel free to fill up a form in the "Suggest a Candidate" section.

Attention!Make sure that you note your country and city and your contact info in designated areas of the form so we could get in contact with you. Otherwise, the system will not recognize and accept your form. You can post your filled form on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube so that other people could also vote for the candidate that you support.

If the Candidate nominated by you becomes the Prize Laureate, Prize Organizers will send you a bonus in the amount from $ 1,000 to $ 3,000.

If you are a Volunteer registered in our database in due order, this amount will be doubled (from $ 2,000 to $ 6,000).
Prize Nominee Selection and Approval Procedure
After a due verification following special procedures, the General Secretariat selects candidates that comply with the letter and spirit of the Prize. Selected candidates are subject to universal vote in the ‘Nominees’ section.

Once the voting period is over, 20 candidates that come on top of the universal vote are selected.

Candidates are voted on by Supreme Council members. The vote is secret and confidential, no voter shall know who their colleagues endorsed. The candidate’s personal data and country of origin are not disclosed, each candidate is assigned a voting code. Supreme Council members then mark a ‘For’ or ‘Against’ option against this code. Candidates that get most Supreme Council votes become World Prize ‘For the Greatness of Spirit’ Laureates of the year. The website makes a public list of Laureates in the ‘Laureate’ section followed by the Prize Organizational Committee sending an official invitation with further instructions to such candidates. Leading world media outlets cover the event.
The vote on ceremony venue (country)
Countries participating in the Prize select by a simple majority one of several countries to host an official awarding ceremony for Prize laureates of the year. The voting results are publicized and covered in the media.

Then, the Supreme Council works with the ceremony host country to coordinate and agree upon a date to officially grant the Prize to Laureates.

Information regarding any actions, decisions and events is published on our website. This is also where we are open to any feedback and suggestions of citizens or subjects of any country of the world.
Voting procedure
1. Go to the ‘Nominees’ section.

2. Learn about each nominee on their personal page by clicking on the name or photo of the nominee.

3. Vote for the nominees that you consider worthy by clicking the "Vote" button. This can be done both on the general "Nominees" page and on the personal page of each nominee.

Please note that you can cast only one vote in favour of each nominee.