for the World Prize

Any citizen of a country can become a volunteer for the World Prize in this country, regardless of their gender, race or religion.

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Volunteers collect information about candidates in their country. Information about them can come from media, Internet, bloggers, social networks and other sourced. Volunteers will get their task three months before the selection of candidates for begins.

Volunteers distribute information about the Prize, promote the project, activate citizens in terms of candidate selection and voting, raise awareness regarding the Prize, which can become a connecting thread that unites nations and people on the basis of clear and understandable criteria – honor, conscience, philanthropy coming from the love for one’s nation, for people, for humanity.
Volunteers have an incentive program. The most proactive volunteers (that provide high-quality verified data on candidates that lead to selecting the Laureate for the country, organizing a fair voting process in their country in order to choose a candidate and a venue) will receive a bonus from the Organizing Committee. They will get cash prizes in the amount established by the Organizing Committee.

The most proactive and conscientious volunteers will be invited to the awarding ceremony. Volunteers can learn about the decision of the Organizing Committee, as well as the mechanisms for obtaining bonus money from our website within 2 months after the awarding ceremony. Their work will be rewarded by a cash prize and covered in the media.

If your Candidate becomes the Prize Laureate, the Prize Organizers will grant you a bonus in the amount from $ 1,000 to $ 3,000.

If you are a Volunteer registered in our database in due order, the amount will be doubled (from $ 2,000 to $ 6,000).
Why it’s cool to volunteer
It is an opportunity to take part in a global event that will go down in the history of the planet. You can also get professional experience. And finally, you can expand your social network. You will meet new people, make new friends and seize new opportunities.

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